Grid tied solar system by cohort Overseas private limited

Grid connected rooftop & small solar power plants with Net Metering:

  • The most common type of solar system among the power consumers are Grid connected solar power systems with net-metering in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

  • In Grid connected systems, always the preference is given to the solar power over Grid and (or) Gen Sets. The solar Inverter connected are Intelligent brainy solar inverters which ensures that the fully utilization of Solar power is done firstly and if needed then only the power from the Grid is drawn or from Diesel Generator

  • Most systems being installed in Uttar Pradesh are of this type.

  • When the consumption is lesser than the power generated through the solar plant, excess power or surplus power is exported to Grid through Net Meter.

  • The Exported power can be re-used any time of the day or days when the load demand is greater than the power generated from the solar plant or system

  • The excess power exported is accumulated in the electricity bill or adjusted with the units consumed.

  • For recording power generated, a DC meter is installed with the Inverter in addition to the Net Meter.

  • Savings from the system lead to a payback period of up to 3-5 years. After that, you get free power for 20 more years.

  • ·It is important to note that this type of system will not run if the grid is down.

  • Subsidy based rooftop projects need to use 'Made in India' modules, we prefer to use - Adani Solar, Vikram Solar or Waaree Solar


You get the Solar Kit which comes with Complete Material required to run your basic load of your home, business, school etc.

  • Solar Panels (Poly Crystalline or Mono PERC or Half cut, as required)

  • Solar Inverter (Single Phase/ Three Phase)

  • Solar Structure (G.I Structure for Concrete Roof/ Roof with Slopes or Special Structure)

  • DC Distribution Box (DCDB)

  • AC Distribution Box (ACDB)

  • DC Cables & Connectors

  • AC Cables & Connectors

  • Grounding Wire

  • Earthing Set & Lightning Arrester

  • Other Required Accessories

  • Net Meter/ Zero Export Device


Meerut Solar's parent company, Cohort Overseas Private Limited, is Distributor/ Stockist for Solar panels & Solar Inverters. The brands offered by us are as below:


1. Solar Panel brands such as Adani SolarVikram SolarWaaree Energies, Panasonic, Kirloskar, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, REC Solar and Renewsys Solar Panels


2. Solar Inverter brands such as ABB, Delta Electronics, Fronius, Goodwe, Growatt, KStar, Sungrow, Solax, SMA, SAJ, Polycab, KSolare and Zever Solar

You can choose from variety of Brands that we stock and supply, this makes it very convenient for our Clients to get Warranty and Quality Services.


You can find us locally near your place for Installation of Grid Tied (On Grid) Solar Systems across Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and provides Net Metering on your On Grid Solar System, We provide Solar Kits and Various Solar Plans. These Solar Kits comes in Two different Segments. Also you get following benefits from us:


  • All equipment stored in our warehouse near you

  • Quick to deliver & easy to Install

  • One point warranty contact unlike others

  • Minimum Material dispatch & Installation time as compared with others hence extra savings

  • Complete Supply, Installation & Commissioning services of Solar Power Plant Included with the Package

  • Free Maintenance of 05 Years

  • 10 Years Warranty on Solar Inverter*